I had a feeling that he was going to be proposing soon, but I just wasn't sure when. He had been acting really nervous and fidgety so I could tell something was up. Everytime I would ask if he was ok, he would just say, "Yup! I'm fine!" Then flash a smile and try to act normal.

It was a Saturday evening, and he insisted that we go out for dinner. We hadn't been out in a while, so it was nice to actually go out! We decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants. After finishing our meal, we decided we wanted to try out the new dessert sampler tray. I thought nothing of it until the waitress showed up. She placed the tray on the table and stepped to the side. I was about to grab a spoon and dig in when another waitress (that I didn't originally see) stepped out from behind our waitress. She said, "We also have this for you too!" She placed a small plate in front of me that had the ring box opened on it. I took a quick glance at it, and then completely lost it! I began crying immediately and couldn't speak. I looked up at him, and he nervously said, "Will you marry me?" I couldn't stop crying! I couldn't even talk! I looked up to see all of these people smiling and staring at us, as well as a crowd of waitresses peeking around from the kitchen to watch. He then said, "Sweetie, there are a lot of people watching us... waiting for your answer!" I looked up at him and shook my head "yes" over and over. Then an array of clapping ensued and he placed the ring on my finger. It was perfect and so "us!"