If you use any of my designs or photos, I ask you to please give me credit. Thank you! =)

Tissue Pomanders


My first DIY project! And I'm not nearly done! I've still got about 10 or so more of these bad boys to make. I've made instructions on how to make them, so click below to find out!


The Cardbox

I was able to put together our cardbox on a snowy day over Christmas vacation. I covered 3 boxes with satin fabric and tied them with wired ribbon. I still need to fix a few things on it, butI love the way it turned out!

The Crinoline

I was so nervous about this project because I was afraid I wouldn't get the color right. I think it turned out perfect! It was a tiring process to do it without a washing machine, but for instructions on how to dye your crinoline, check out my blog.

The Guestbook

Since I purchased my dress from David's Bridal, I got a free offer code from to create a free 8x8 photobook. So I decided to make it into our guestbook!

The Programs

This is the beginning of our programs. I want to do paddle fan programs so they will serve double duty.

The Envelope Liners

This has got to be one of my favorites so far. I found the inspiration to make our envelope liners from our engagement pictures from fellow knotties. For instructions on how to create these for your envelopes, check out my blog.

The Invitations

This is the beginning of our invitations. I snapped a photo of them after just being heat embossed. They are going to placed on a white invitation mat, and then added to a sand metallic pocketfold. To learn how to emboss your own paper products, check out the instructions on my blog.